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Hilton Head Island Resort Management Company - Your Partner

Your time is as valuable as your property. Wouldn't it be nice to have a partner who lifts the administrative burden of property management from your shoulders, while enhancing the value of your property? A relationship with RMC is an investment that will return dividends many times over, not only by maintaining property values and building a sense of community at your resort, but also through time and cost containment to your association.
To appreciate how a relationship with RMC can benefit you, it is helpful to understand how we will assist within the framework of your association.
Resort Management Corporation Expert Assistance for the Board at South Carolina

Expert Assistance for the Board -

As the "action arm" for the Board, RMC functions as the Board's agent in all aspects of the association's operations. Through a partnership approach and an in-depth understanding of an association's unique strengths and weaknesses, RMC will help clearly define goals. We are instrumental in building consensus and will prepare budgets, implement objectives and evaluate results to keep your association on the right path.
RMC's efficiency stems from specialized skills and experience in resolving the challenges facing associations, sparing time and expense of trial and error solutions. By virtue of our knowledge of the law, the marketplace and the industry, we provide focused attention to each facet of your association's complex requirements, all while focusing on the bottom line and keeping an active line of communication with the Board.
RMC is equipped to deal with crisis and unexpected situations on a daily basis and ready to provide the necessary resources and experienced counsel to the association. We maintain a network of trusted relationships with attorneys, accountants, contractors and other professionals who are readily available to advise management and the association whenever needed.

Each Community is Unique -

We understand and respect that each resort community and association is different. Each client has special wants and needs, and each board and group of owners likes things done a certain way. RMC prides itself on creating individual management solutions for each resort. We will share our knowledge, experience and methodology with the board while listening intently to what you have to say. In the end, we realize that we work for you and will go to great lengths to ensure you are comfortable with the way management is handled at your resort.

Focused, On-site Personnel -

On-site management requires a variety of specialized skills including, collections, quality control, maintenance, public relations and administration. RMC has a trained and dedicated staff with this expertise. Our personnel focus on maintaining your resort's health on a daily basis, allay or prevent challenges while providing accountability and expertise. The depth of our company means the necessary people are available to step in to maintain continuity in case of illness, vacations or other reasons.
Administrative Stability at Resort Management Corporation - South Carolina

Administrative Stability -

Keeping your association on strong financial footing for the long term is a key factor in protecting property values. A professional reserve study incorporating life expectancies and replacement costs for large scale assets such as roads, roofing, pools and spas and interior furnishings is important.
Most resort properties are under the threat of natural disasters or other calamities that may affect value. RMC can swiftly respond to a crisis with experienced personnel, resources and counsel - giving an extra insurance policy for your association.
RMC maintains banking and supplier relationships that help reduce association costs, as well as a dedicated collection agent to keep receivables healthy.
Working with RMC is a sound decision that gives you the peace of mind that you've entrusted your property to capable hands and it is receiving skilled care and attention on a daily basis.

Focus on Fiscal Responsibility -

Financial planning, management and reporting are distinguishable difference in expert property management. RMC's methodology gives the Board the ability to anticipate funding requirements and properly plan for the future. We continuously analyze financial data to identify trends or potential challenges and offer expertise to maximize your association's financial health.

State of the Art Software -

We utilize state-of the art software to produce balance sheets, income/expense statements, general ledger, bank reconciliation, aged accounts receivables and all the many reports and studies necessary to provide an accurate picture of your association's financial health.

Standards & Procedures -

Our accounting procedures meet or exceed standards set by the AICPA and are audited by a third party CPA firm at least once a year or at other intervals as desired by the Board of Directors. Our financial staff maintains continuous surveillance of cash investment alternatives and advises the Board regarding prudent investment of association funds. RMC administers billing and collecting in accordance with the policy approved by the Board of Directors. All funds are deposited within 24 hours of receipt.
Tailored Financial Reports Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Tailored Financial Reports -

Financial reports are designed with flexibility as part of your business planning process and other reports required for specific financial goals can be included as a result of this plan. Our accounting professionals offer accurate, timely and dependable services to meet our unique specifications. Among the many accounting services we provide include
  • Preparation of a comprehensive monthly financial statement, including prepays, delinquencies and a full trial balance
  • Complete reserve analysis including reserve analysis for 10-year cash flow (provided by third party)
  • Preparation and filing of tax forms, reports and returns as required by state, federal or
    insurance agencies
  • An accrual system of monthly financial reporting in accordance with your state's Statutes
  • Expert recommendation for and filing of liens, evictions and foreclosures
  • Complete General Ledger details with vendors, dates and amounts paid
  • Preparation of annual operating budgets for Board approval
  • Operating budget 12-month forecast and major variance reports
  • Development of a reserve system for future replacement
  • Prompt follow through on all delinquent accounts
  • Timely payment of all recorded, approved expenses
  • Management of all fees and assessments
RMC is committed to the highest level of financial reporting and recognizes the need for owners and associations to keep expenses low and offset expenses with income. We work in partnership with resorts to generate profit for the owner's association through rentals, resales and on-site revenue centers. Our highest objective is to preserve the assets of the owners.