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Vacation Ownership Benefits

Resort Management Corporation Vacation Ownership Benefits

Vacation ownership, sometimes called timeshare ownership, offers you the opportunity to purchase vacations in timeshare resorts from one week to four, six, ten and 13-week increments. Depending on your preference, you can find a list of Hilton Head inventory at hiltonheadforless.com.  In addition, you either have the convenience and prior knowledge of going to the same location every year - even at different times of the year - or choosing from thousands of timeshare properties through the RCI worldwide exchange network.


Visit hiltonheadforless.com to see a complete inventory of vacation ownership as well as seasonal specials and deals on timeshare. 

And, best of all, if you purchase timeshare properties on the resale market, you will enjoy the same luxurious accommodations, privileges and amenities at timeshare resorts for up to 70 % off the original developer price! Timeshare or vacation ownership is an ownership model whereby people purchase time slices of property, usually in increments of weeks.

Timeshare owners have the benefit of

  • Using their timeshare week for vacation
  • Renting their timeshare to generate revenue
  • Give their timeshare week as a gift as an owner's guest
  • Exchange internally within the same resort or resort group to another time period
  • Exchange to thousands of resorts worldwide through exchange companies such as (RCI) Resort Condominiums International or Interval International (II)
  • Sell the timeshare

Recently, through various exchange company point systems, owners may have added the flexibility of

  • Assigning their usage time to a point system to be exchanged for airline tickets, hotels, travel packages, cruises and amusement
    park tickets
  • Taking a partial week vacation and using the rest of the points at a later date
  • Borrowing points from a future year to get a larger unit, more vacation time or a
    better location
  • Saving or moving points from one year
    to another
ResortSource Timeshare Resales offers the best vacation timeshare resorts and accommodations on Hilton Head Island. We sell weeks at beach resorts, golf and tennis resorts, and have great deals on premium weeks at Marriot and Disney resorts - all at the Island's best prices.
Our timeshare sales experts provide the experience you need to help you select the most appropriate option for you, among the vacation timeshares for sale on Hilton Head - many of which include daily golf green fees for four at area championship courses, daily tennis privileges and bikes. They can also assist you in weighing important options such as the details of membership in RCI Points, or other programs such as "Resort Weeks for Cash "through Holiday Systems International.
Call or EMAIL Resort Source today and let our experienced timeshare sales staff help you buy or sell the perfect timeshare week for you. 843.842.6336. 
Visit ResortSource's Website at: www.HiltonHeadforLess.com